A Mensa Member’s Book and Film List

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A Mensa Member’s Book and Film List is a 75 page ebook, consisting mostly of a lengthy list of the books read and movies watched during a fifteen year period of time when I kept a log.  It has turned out to be an oddly focused autobiography of sorts, a record of the ideas and interests pursued during that time. You get to see the in depth inquiry, one after another, and the tangents that sprout out in various directions from a root interest.  I’ll read all the books by a particular author, or see a movie and want to see an earlier version of the same story.  You’ll observe that pattern with Lolita, 3:10 to Yuma, and The Thomas Crown Affair.  And if there’s a book the films are based on, I’ll track that down. Sometimes there’s only the delicious pair of the movie and the book, as with The Quiet American. Quite often I go back and look at a film again and see if I missed something after reading the book. I did that with the Jackson Pollock biographies and film.

I hope you’ll enjoy following the record of my voracious curiosity. The list of books and films are complemented by collages of movie and play stubs and a poem entitled, “The Fragrance of Books.”  You’ll find A Mensa Member’s Book and Film List at the Amazon Kindle store.  I’m so .sorry but the links are not working properly. If you don’t mind, go to and enter the book title.  It will pop up


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