That unmistakable still quiet voice inside

15 Feb

Have you ever had a time when you knew you were receiving clear guidance–direction so urgent that you couldn’t ignore it?

Once I was driving alone in a remote area, on rolling hills in the Midwest, going along on the interstate at a good clip.  A small sports car passed me on the left, going very fast.  As I approached a hill, that unmistakable voice said clearly, “Move over into the left lane.”

I did so, and as I topped the hill, there was the speeding car, flipped upside down, completely wrecked in the right lane.  I was the first on the scene, mere seconds after the accident–did what I could to calm and assist the driver and passengers trapped in the car. Soon the highway patrol and ambulances came to take care of things.

That still quiet voice saved my life.

Happy Valentine’s Day, and hug those near and dear to you.

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One response to “That unmistakable still quiet voice inside

  1. Bruce McGovern

    March 8, 2012 at 2:36 am

    Prior to 1964 when I was conscripted into the Army, I went through a time in my life when one would not use the word ‘sane’ to describe my driving practices. My car was old, and not very powerful, but on winding gravel roads typical of Iowa, 70 mph was extreme insanity. Blush.

    Many times I would come racing up a steep hill on gravel, that I had driven many times. And, suddenly, I would feel I had to slow down. I would go sliding over the hill, brakes on hard, throwing gravel all over the place, and find a tractor and wagon pulling out of a field, completely blocking the road. Or, something similar.

    I do not know where we get our cues, but I live today because of such things. So, I Know exactly how you feel.


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